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I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve received on the Support line that starts out with “So-and-so just left the company. How do I do their job?”.  I know that everyone tries to keep employee turn-over to a minimum but, stuff does happen.

A good way to avoid last minute confusion when hiring a new employee or replacing one is to document your own procedures. FabSuite provides a General User Guide** which outlines how the software works but does not show how your company operates.

I have found that having each FabSuite user (or just the department heads) write out a step by step list of what they do in the program gives you two benefits:  1)You will be able to tell from reading the step by step list if the person fully understands how to use the software. 2) You will have a company procedure manual when you put all of the lists together.

Your company has invested a good deal of time and money into buying FabSuite and training users. This is a great way to protect your investment.

** The FabSuite General User Guide is available in the About window. Updates to the v4.4.5 User Guide are found in the background of FabSuite under New Features (each new feature has a User Manual link).

1 Comment to “Your Company’s Procedure”

  • Great advice Jeff! A very useful, but overlooked idea…!

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